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'All your heath and fitness results at your fingertips in the comfort of your home'

Personal Training
Through our highly motivational, fun and effective workouts, you can expect to not only feel amazing but see the difference.  We not only bring the workout to you, but have the option of training in our brand new Suite full of everything you need, without the pressures of going to or joining a gym. 

Women Stretching

Strengthen your foundations and get toned with this popular and effective form of body conditioning.  With both our LIVE and OnDemand workouts there really is no excuse!

Sports Massage
Identify those restrictions and unlock the potential of your body, helping to manage injuries and improve performance, the difference is staggering.

Let us help guide you through all the pitfalls and current fads, to a healthier and performance based diet that is both enjoyable and effective.

RemoteFitHub Nutrition
Sports massage

Bespoke plan
Our thorough consultation will explore all your personal goals and circumstances to give you precisely the progressive plan that is right for you!

Diet Apples
Running Gear

Home workouts
Looking for something to follow, be that cardio, weight loss or strength, we have a wide selection of workouts at your fingertips.  Follow along from your front room or from a tablet at your gym, never be lost with what to do again.

Technique videos: Our 'How to' guide of exercises provides clients with anytime support on remember exactly how to execute those exercises with odd names and detailed instructions.  Workout safely with our support.

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About Us

Hi, I'm Mike Davenport (MhzFitness).

My whole working life has been in the Health and Fitness industry driven by shared energy that exercise together brings.  Working with a wide range of people with a broad range of needs and extensive qualification list, has given me the skills to help people reach the vast majority of goals and have encountered most barriers with tools to break them down.

Hi, I'm Jeanette Wilkinson (JFitness).

Having worked in the health and fitness industry for many years, I share a passion to help others reach their potential and succeed above and beyond their initial goals with a fun, cheeky and inspiring approach.  As a tutor for other potential Personal Trainers, and key specialities with Sports massage, Pre/post Natal, Junior and Pilates, you can expect both safe and effective results.

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About YOU...

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More importantly, we want to know about you!  Our support and guidance is there to help your needs and circumstances, which will be different to someone else's.  This is why we want to spend time getting to know you, as a member of RemoteFitHub, to get the results that YOU want!

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What Now?

Time to get signed up and enjoy targeted results.  We'll be in touch within 24hours to arrange your consultation, or not if you'd prefer.

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Personal Consultation

Let's discuss your goals and the best way to achieve them.

There's no obligation or fee, we are just happy to help.  Nothing to lose, and your goals and aspirations to gain.

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